The Big Picture...

Even though I was not ready for summer to end, I started to get excited about the start of school yesterday. The beginning of school is a clean slate. Yesterday we spent the day making sure everyone was ready and organized for school. It seems like it would be simple to just fill a backpack, but the school year is a great time to re-set family life. We made some changes on study areas, and we adjusted some family goals. We put new bedtimes in place, and we started a new book of the Bible to read in the mornings. It feels a little more organized and cleaned-up. The lazy days of summer are done.

As a new year begins, I also realize that I don't know what the future holds. Everyone came home happy from school today, but we really have no idea what rough days are ahead. In Philippians 1:12-14 Paul talks about his jail time. He has a great outlook on life because he sees the big picture. Paul is in chains. He is stuck in jail, but he chooses to see a positive picture. First, he sees how he has advanced the gospel. I think, he was probably most worried about how the gospel would continue to spread while he was in jail, but the whole palace guard knew his story. Secondly, he saw that the other believers were more courageous and fearless because of what he was going through.

How is your attitude when life doesn't go the way you expected? We can plan, organize, and dream, but sometimes life turns a different direction than what we expected. I want to respond like Paul. I want to see the big picture...the positive side of life. How about you?

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