I love the book of Philippians. It's a happy book. Words like...joy, thankful, and rejoice are used. The book is filled with hope. When you read some of the phrases, you would assume that the book was written by a man who has an easy, great life. Paul is actually in prison though when he wrote the book. So as I've been reading Philippians, I'm trying to figure out Paul's secret. Why is he so happy?

In Philippians 1:3 Paul says, "I thank my God every time I remember you." Paul was a thankful person. As he sits in prison, he is thanking God for people. There are so many other things he could be thinking about as he sat in prison...bugs, germs, food. Paul is thinking about others, and he is praying. Life really isn't going well for Paul, but he made a good choice. Paul also says that he is confident God will keep working in and through the Philippians. God had some more lessons for them. He loved the Philippians, and he was thankful for them. But it sounds like he was glad that God wasn't finished with them. They might have been a little "rough around the edges". I love that Paul was thankful for people in his life that didn't have it all together.

Happiness for Paul didn't come from his circumstances. Paul was thankful. Thankfulness leads to happiness. Write down who and what you are thankful for and pray. Does it give you a happy heart? Try it out and see.

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