The first week of July we spent a week in Illinois with my husband's parents. A couple hours after we arrived a terrible storm hit. There were 9 adults and 15 children in the house when a 10,000 pound tree fell on the home. It was a crazy experience. No one was hurt, but the house will take months to repair. We were later told that there were two smaller trees that braced the fall of the tree so that the tree only came through the roof and didn't continue through to the basement. God was very good to us!

As I read Psalm 11, I was reminded of God's protection. The third verse says,"When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" In the midst of a storm (a wind storm or my life is overwhelming storm), we feel like we are walking on shaky ground. We don't feel secure. But this Psalm goes on to say that no matter what, God is on his heavenly throne, and He sees. In other words, God is in control.

Generally, we don't like storms in life. We like nice, neat, and easy. God does allow storms, and He wants us to run to Him. He is our refuge and our strength. The night of the storm in Illinois there were lots of little children all cuddled up together. They asked many times if they were safe, and they wanted to make sure the storm was done. Holding a little one close until they feel safe is a fun job as parent. I believe, God loves when we run to Him. When we run to Him without a list, we just want His security. Child like faith and love would help us all. Depend on Him...He waits with open arms.

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