To do list...

I really enjoy accomplishing my "to do list". I love checking-off the items on my list. This last week I painted our bathroom. Painting our bathroom is something I've wanted to do for a while. It felt good to complete it even though it was 11:30 pm. I wanted to wake everyone up and show-off the bathroom, but the quiet house was nice. The bathroom is such a little room it was easy to finish, but I have some rooms that are going to take more than a night to finish. Sometimes the big jobs are daunting tasks. I don't even want to write it on the list because I know, I might not be able to accomplish it.

It's easy to approach my spiritual life the same way. The little stuff I can check-off the list, but the big changes and the big dreams for God are hard to accomplish. In Colossians 4:17 Paul says, "And, oh, yes, tell Archippus, 'Do your best in the job you received from the Master. Do your very best.'" This is how Paul ends Colossians. There is only one verse after this. So what was this job? No one knows. It's never explained, and there aren't even any hints. It was just his job, and he was supposed to do his best. What has God given you to accomplish? Are you working on it? Have you written your job on your "to do list"? Whatever God has given us to do, we are to do our best.

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