Caden, my five year old, has a neighbor friend. He lives behind us so the boys play between our yards. It's fun to watch them run. They play with swords, guns, batman, balls...basically anything that they find. One of my favorite things they do is when they sit and talk. On Sunday they sat on Gavin's steps with little sticks in their hands and talked for a really long time. I wondered, what they were discussing. They probably weren't trying to solve any world problems, but it looked serious. Friends are an important part of life even at age 5. Friends make life better.

I think, we all need friends that we can enjoy. Paul shares some names in Colossians 4 of people who were important to him. Paul had some friends he enjoyed. Verse 7 tells us that Tychicus is a great friend to Paul, and Paul sends him to the Colossians. He wants Tychicus to tell them what is happening in their life. He also wants him to encourage them. I bet Tychicus was a great encourager to Paul. Do you have a friend who encourages you? I think, we all need encouragement. What kind of friend are you? Sometimes we get so busy we don't take the time to sit and talk. Sometimes we get so focused on ourselves we don't take the time to encourage our friends. Who can you encourage this week?

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