Do you try to fix everything on your own? Do you push the blame on someone else when life hurts? How do you respond to God when you could use some pixie dust?
David was in a tough spot in Psalm 3. Absalom, his son, and his followers were trying to kill him. David was running for his life, but he doesn't blame his circumstances on God. He isn't mad at God. David rather talks about what God is to him.

First, God is David's shield. David sees God as his protection, and he really needs some protection. David saw a big God. Do you see God as your shield and protection? Is he the one who "lifts up" your head? Psalm 3:3 says, "But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head."

In all the crazy drama in David's life he says that he sleeps. Normally, when life is out of control, we don't sleep. Too much drama equals tossing and turning all night, but not only does David sleep, he is rested. David can keep going because of God. Last, the Lord delivers. There are days when we just need delivered because life is too much. God can do that for us. When we can't change the circumstances, we need to tell God the whole story, and trust Him.

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