Everywhere we live, and everywhere we go there are rules. Rules with high priority are posted for all to see. Rules give us direction. Rules help us live together in harmony. There are four rules I say everyday. First, be kind with your mouth. Second, eat in the kitchen. Third, inside voices. Fourth, don't play ball unless you are in the basement or outside. (I truly say those four everyday!) Rules help us in our relationships. God gives some relationship rules in Colossians 3:18-25.

Wives submit. Husbands love. Children obey. Fathers encourage. Slaves work hard. Masters be fair. This is a very simple paraphrase of Colossians 3:18-25. It's interesting how everyone in each relationship has a responsibility, everyone has a part. It takes two or more working together, doing their part for relationships to work well. I think, we are all guilty at times of thinking or saying "if only they would change". Which side of the relationship are you on? Are you doing your part? Are you following the rules?

I'd encourage you this week to think about a relationship that is frustrating you. Is it your husband, a child, or someone in a work relationship? Honestly, look at the relationship and see if you are following Colossians 3. If you aren't, put God's rules of relationship in place.

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