My sister and two of my sister-in-laws are due to have babies soon. We've been praying for them at lunch time. Caden has been praying for them too. Some days he just prays that they will have good babies which sounds so funny when he says it. But I'm sure they would all enjoy a good baby. I think, he was trying to copy when I say, "good health". I love to hear my kids pray. Sometimes they use phrases that they hear over and over. It catches my attention though when they use the phrases. Prayer is sometimes just bunch of phrases that sound good, but it should be so much more. How do we even know what to pray? If someone isn't sick, hurt or having a baby, what should we pray?

In Colossians 1:9-14 Paul tells us how he prays for the Colossians. It's a list we can pray too. Paul begins by saying that he doesn't stop praying for them. It's something they can count on...always. What a great confidence builder! How encouraging. My mother-in-law prays for my kids everyday. After she prays for them, she calls and lets the phone ring once as a reminder. That daily call is huge in my life. I love to know my babies have just been prayed for by their grandparents.

So here is the list that Paul prays, first he prays that they will know God's will. Next, he asks that they will live a life that pleases God. That life is one that shows fruit and grows in the knowledge of God. Lastly, he prays that they will have God's strength to have great endurance, patience, and thankfulness. We can pray Paul's list. Tell someone you are going to pray for them...and keep praying like Paul.

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