Happy New Year!

January 2012 has begun. It's that time of year where we make goals and lists. We plan out what we want to accomplish. My mom always buys me cute calendars for Christmas, and I love writing in all the family birthdays. This year she found a calendar/journal/notebook with tear-out grocery list sections. It's great! It has stickers and a pocket. The designers thought of everything. I love it. Hopefully as we make our lists and fill-in our calendars, we have some spiritual goals too.

The goals for the new year can be endless, and I'm sure we each have different lists. I have goals for myself. I have goals for each of my children...areas where I want to help them grow and develop. I have things I want to accomplish. Spiritually there are many goals we can make. Proverbs is full of possible resolutions for the new year. Chapter 29 says, "Pride lands you flat on your face; humility prepares you for honors."(23) Pride can get us into so much trouble, and it sneaks up on us...doesn't it? I don't think we even realize it's a struggle until we are on our face. I think pride and honesty are closely related. Be real and honest about who we are and be content with what we can't change.

"The fear of human opinion disables, trusting in God protects you from that."(25) Are you ever worried about what others think? I am. It's easy to worry about others opinions, but Proverbs teaches that this can disable us. We shouldn't be concerned about what others think. Trust God instead. Trusting God protects us.

Have fun with your goals and lists, and take time to listen to God.

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