Giving gifts...

There were a crazy amount of presents to be opened on Christmas morning at our house. The grandpas and grandmas sent boxes of gifts. Eric's uncle and aunt sent gifts too. We have six very happy children. I really enjoyed watching them open their gifts, but I loved when they gave gifts to each other. It's so thoughtful and sweet. The gifts were so creative too... Doritos, Powerade, candy, mugs, cookies, lotions... Caden gave Cambree his wooden rocking chair that he out grew. It made him so happy to give it to her. Christmas was fun!

Christmas is all about God's gift to us...Jesus. God has given us so much. The principles to live by in Proverbs are life-changing gifts. In chapter 28 God gives us some gifts of wisdom. We are given safety if we walk in wisdom (28:26). Walking in wisdom means we aren't trusting in our self. This goes against so much of what we hear, and what we have been taught. We need to depend on God...not ourselves.

"He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses." God wants us to give. God expects us to care for the poor. As a church ValleyPoint has a wonderful opportunity to give to the poor. I wonder if God enjoys watching us as His children give. I believe He does, and I think He feels the way I do when my children give to each other.

So...enjoy the gifts of wisdom and depend on God. And give to the poor because it makes God smile.

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