Do you like my boots? What do you think of my new hair cut? Am I disciplining my child correctly? Should I buy a new car? This really doesn't matter...right? Do questions ever make you squirm? Is it ever hard to answer questions? Sometimes it's easier to agree. Sometimes it's easier to say what people want to hear. We do need to be kind- right?

Chocolate is everywhere in our house. There was a lot of Trick or Treating! We have enough candy...enough chocolate for more than eight. One of the classic pieces of chocolate is a Hershey Kiss. A Hershey Kiss can make life better sometimes. Chocolate helps life, but a kiss helps too. Kisses help a good-bye. A kiss helps a bruised knee. A kiss helps a disappointment, and it can help a bad day. Proverbs 24:26 says, "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." Sometimes I know a kiss helps, but I might lose sight of how the honest answer helps. The nice answer, not the honest answer seems like it might be best. An honest friend is a true friend. Back at the time Proverbs were written a kiss on the lips was the display of real friendship. This means an answer, an honest answer, is a sign of true friendship.

What kind of friend are you? Are you the Hershey Kiss kind of friend? Honest friends help us answer the questions in life. Real friends help us grow and change. When we are honest, we just need to make sure we are a true friend giving some chocolate to those we love.

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