Last weekend my daughter Clarice and I went shopping together. It's one of her favorite things to do. We were shopping for one of her friends. Birthday parties are fun. As we talked about what she wanted to buy, she started talking about her friend. She knew what she liked; she knew something that she had just broken. She even knew her favorite candy. I was impressed! She is a good friend. I began to think about what kind of friend I am.

Many of us want good friends, but are we the friend we should be. Proverbs 25 has so much to say about friendship. So here are some of the don't of friendships from Proverbs 25. First, don't jump to conclusions (8). Easier said than done, but we really need to think carefully and not allow ourselves to be emotional. Don't betray confidences (9-10). Listen. Don't wear out your welcome (16-17). Lastly, don't forget about past friends (25). Maybe it would be a good week to send a note, facebook or call a friend you haven't heard from recently. It might encourage both of you.

What should we do? Proverbs 25 says to do what you say you will do. Be reliable, and be wise with what you say. (13). Be a trustworthy friend. Choose to be that friend. Lastly, learn your friend's favorite candy because everyone can use a sweet surprise.

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