A, B, C's

I think, I have been singing the alphabet song for about 14 years, and I have a few years to go. Caden, my five year old, is really enjoying his A,B,C's. It seems like sometimes with my boys I begin to wonder if they will ever enjoy learning sounds that aren't car, animal, and gun noises.

It's probably because it's simple, but I love reading a section or chapter in the Bible and asking some specific questions. It helps me get some answers. So this week, I am looking for the A, B, C's in Proverbs 20.

The A is for an attribute of God. What can I learn about God in this chapter? The Lord is honest. Twice in this chapter it says that God hates dishonesty. How honest am I? Am I honest with myself? God expects me to be honest.

The B is for a blessing. The blessing is love. This chapter says that love brings security. God's love is secure. Sometimes in the ups and downs of life we feel insecure, but God's love is secure. I can totally trust God's love.

The C is for a command. Verse 13 says, "Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare." Don't love sleep...or don't be lazy. We all need to work. When we work, we will eat. It's important to sleep. I could use some tonight, but we need to make sure we aren't lazy.

So as we read this week, look for an attribute of God, a blessing, and a command. Read and seek what you need from God. God holds His wisdom out for us...we need to seek Him.

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  1. Love this Tonia. I'm going to use it in Radiant!!! Thanks! Love you!!