Old stuff...

My mom loves old stuff...0ld houses, furniture, pictures, dishes and the list never ends. She enjoys the history and mystic. Antique shops are fun to walk around in and explore. She can spend hours! Many people share her passion. But what about old words?

Have you used the word righteousness this week? It's kind-of a big word...and it's summer so maybe you haven't used the word. I haven't-until now. When we read God's Word, one great way to learn is to look for key words. Righteousness is a word we see throughout the book of Proverbs. The word means "right or just". So in chapter 13 what do we learn about righteousness? First we see that righteousness hates lies. Next we see that righteousness is a guard. Lastly righteousness is contentment.

Righteousness hates lies. All lies. Some lies we let go even though we know it's wrong. Righteous is right...just...all the time. Hate is a strong word, but righteousness truly hates lying.
Next, I think people who are guarded are pretty important people...the president...royalty... We would probably all like to have the security of being guarded. One of the great benefits of living right is that we can be guarded. We are protected because righteousness protects. What a great reason to do what is right and just. Last...contentment. If we live right and just, we will be content. Sometimes it's easy to look around and compare. It's easy to think why can't I have that, but we can choose to live God's way-content.
Righteousness. Old word, great way to live. Old idea...telling the truth. Old idea...content. This week let's try to live God's way.

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