What to say...

Cambree is 5 1/2 months old, and we are waiting anxiously for her first word. She is making more sounds everyday, and she really seems like she has something to say. My oldest says his name several times a day to Cambree hoping she says his name first. Baby words are fun and cute. It would be great if all our words could stay so innocent. Our mouths can get us into so much trouble. It's a daily...hourly...minute by minute choice to use our mouths in a way that pleases God.

We each have many relationships in our lives so we all have a lot of talking to do. Do you ever struggle with what to say or how to say it? "It" could be a million things. Confrontation...plans...discipline...disagreements...ideas...money...there is always something to talk about with the people in our life. So how do we talk? Proverbs 12 has some great principles. First, sometimes we should just be silent. Don't retaliate. Next, be honest or truthful. Use God's Word because His truth lasts forever. Our words should bring healing, and they should promote peace. Lastly, our words should be encouraging.

So today were you sometimes just quiet? Did you refrain from retaliating? When you did use words were they honest, healing, peaceful, and encouraging? I don't think that's an easy list. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for us to keep track of which category our words are in...we might need an "other".

First words are fun, but the words we speak each day have a huge impact. For some crazy reason it's hard to be honest, healing, peaceful, and encouraging to those we love most. I want my words to be honest, healing, peaceful, and encouraging, but it's going to be WORK!

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