2 Sides...

I love having my kids home for the summer. This week they have cousins here, and they are loving it. It's so fun to watch. Today there was a loud Mario Cart tournament, a water balloon fight, and a dance performance. During the summer I hear my name even more.

"But mom..." are two words I hear everyday. Everyone in my house has an opinion to share; everyone has their side of the story. There are two sides in every story. In my house sometimes more. In Proverbs 9 there are two invitations. There is an invitation to wisdom and an invitation to folly. Both call...both make an offer, but the outcome is very different.

Wisdom makes a call to all simple people. Then Wisdom gives homework to the simple "leave your simple ways". The promise is life and understanding. On the other hand, Folly makes a call to all simple people. Folly says that stolen water is sweet and food eaten in secret is delicious. But the result is hidden because it's death. Wisdom appeals to the mind and folly appeals to the senses.

So wisdom or folly? No one wants to be a fool, but yet do we make the choice to leave our foolish ways. Do we respond based on understanding or on how we feel? I want to be wise. I think we all want to make good choices, but what do we do in the moment. What do we do when we have to make a choice? We have to choose wisdom each day. Everyday we choose.

So many choices each day. Choose wisdom first each day. And pray.

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