I love to read...to my children. My favorite thing to do with my children is reading and cuddling. Many of our books are in awful condition because they all sleep with their books. Well loved books are great.

Personification is a fun literary device. I love stories with a sun that has a smile or a book that talks. In Proverbs 8 Wisdom speaks, and Widsom has much to say too. Reading about Wisdom makes me want to have her as a friend. I need her in my life. Wisdom has the following: knowledge, discretion, sound judgment, understanding, power, prosperity, justice and righteousness. It's quite a list, and it's almost hard to think about so much at once. But maybe one word stuck out to you. What is it you are lacking? What do you need help with today? Wisdom can help. Write the word down. Search it. Pray about it.

Wisdom also has a few things she hates. Hate is such a strong word, but there are things we should hate. We should hate evil, pride, arrogance, evil behavior, and perverse speech. So is there anything on that list that's hard to hate? Maybe we can hate it when it hurts us, but do we hate it when it's in our life.

Don't give up on Wisdom. Keep searching because she says in this chapter that "those who seek me find me". What a great promise!

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