Old age...

I now have a 14 year old daughter, and she is so excited about growing-up. It's fun to celebrate birthdays with my kids. They all want to get older. What happens? We at some point stop wanting to get older, but getting older isn't really so awful. With age comes experience and wisdom.

Life is full of good days and rough days. As we walk through experiences, we learn. We learn what to say and what not to say. We learn how to handle emotions. We learn what is truly important. We see life differently then we did at 14. None of us ever have it all together though. We need God, and His wisdom all of life. But maturity and experience helps.

Proverbs 7 is a wise, older man, Solomon, watching the path of a young man. Solomon is looking out his window observing the journey of the young man. Verse seven says that he was a youth who lacked judgment. It sounds negative, but he is just saying that he is young so he doesn't have the knowledge or the widsom to know how to handle this path in life. Solomon can see that this path is wrong for this young man. Solomon can see the temptation coming.

Age helps us ...but we do need more. We need God's wisdom to see what's coming ahead, and how we are to handle it. Proverbs help us see God's way. So...let's first keep working at gaining God's widsom. Don't stop. Don't give-up. Next, help those around you who can't see the path in front of them as clearly as you can. Moms do this constantly. Sometimes it's good to remember that our children just can't see life the way we do. You may have others in your life who aren't as far on their journey with Christ. Gently help...share your wisdom.

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