How's your water?

Today was a pretty normal day...I guess, whatever normal is. At 4:30 am I hugged my sister-in-law good-bye, and I went back to bed. It was very warm in our house because our air-conditioner has not been working so I had a few children sleeping in strange places (including my room) when I woke-up because they were trying to find a cooler place to sleep. The repair man came...we've been calling him for weeks. I was so thankful. I then took Cailee to a doctor's appointment, and she was freed from her "boot". She is healing great. We celebrated with ice cream. We were looking forward to coming home to a cool home, but it was hot. The air was not working again. This morning we also noticed the crab was missing from the cage. The repair man came again, and the house cooled down. Picked up kids...dinner. Chandler practiced his Pennsylvania project for the final time. We searched for the crab, and we actually found it. There was some playing outside...dishes...homework and wrestling. Books and bedtimes.

I also had a list of "stuff" I was trying to do. My sweet husband was ready to go on a date tonight...but there was no time. Sometimes there isn't enough time for him. Proverbs 5:15-18 says, "Drink water from your own cistern...May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife (spouse) of your youth." Water...the family well was extremely important. Water was key to the desert land and enjoying your spouse is key to a good marriage. To enjoy our spouse we must make time for them.

What do you enjoying doing with your spouse? Have you done anything recently? Is your spouse as important as water in a desert to you? If you aren't sure how you are doing, watch a newlywed or dating couple. Are you enjoying your water as much as them?

I journaled that stuff at the beginning to say we all have things that we have to do. Many lists take up all our time, but we truly must block off time to enjoy our water. It's a great way to protect our marriage and show our children what a great relationship looks like. What do you need to do? I need to go on a date.

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