Rain...rain...and more rain. It's spring. I hope you are enjoying this week before Easter. I love this time of year. I love Easter. Eggs, plastic grass (which I'll still be finding at Christmas), and new clothes...candy, baskets, and flowers. The story of Christ's great love for us-Easter. Every year I am more amazed at Christ's love for me. It's such an easy time to talk about what Christ has done for us. It's the time of year we all reflect.

In Acts 28 we find it raining (picture our week), and Paul is working on a fire. Paul had gathered some brushwood and as he put it on the fire a viper bit him. Now Paul is on the island of Malta which is where he ended up after his shipwreck. So he survived a terrible shipwreck only to be bitten by a viper, this made the islanders figure he must have been a murderer. Justice. But they were shocked to find he was fine. Life went on as normal. He went from murderer to god in their minds.

Paul helped the people on the island. He healed the sick. No matter where Paul was on his journey he stayed on track. He continued doing what God had for him to do. He keep helping others, and the gospel continued to be spread. Many heard about Christ.

As you fill Easter baskets and eggs, as you make Easter dinner, remember those around you who are asking the "whys" of Easter. Three of my children have trusted Christ in the spring...the Easter story is filled with great love for us. Share that love with someone. Share an invitation to this weekend. Share your journey.

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