Money. You need it for everything. Everyone always wants more and with two teenagers who always think they need money and a few boys who eat amazing amounts of food- money seems to disappear fast. I am not a money expert, but I do know money drives people. Money causes people to do some crazy stuff. There are many “cover-up” stories because the price just seemed too great to make things right even though people may be in danger. Money is central to many news stories…our economy is a huge concern. Money is a big topic. It’s really nothing new though.

In Acts 19:23-41 is a story that started with the concern that someone was going to lose some money. There was a silversmith in Ephesus named Demetrius who was a very successful man. He made silver shrines of Artemis who was the goddess of fertility. He had many craftsmen who worked for him. He was worried because he knew Paul had been talking to people for three years about Christ. There had been literally thousands of people who had turned from the worship of idols and were now worshipping Christ. It had begun to hurt the success of Demetrius. So he and the craftsmen started a riot. As riots go, there was a lot of confusion. Verse 32 says, “Most of the people did not even know why they were there.” Isn’t that a crazy verse? The city clerk ended the riot, and he sent the people home.

So…money does drive many people. We know that. Money causes people to do crazy stuff. We know that. But the other side of the story is that when Christ changes people, people take notice. It might cause problems, but changed lives catch attention. Watching God change lives is so exciting! But it will cause some problems…living God’s way always stirs things up. Let’s be ready!

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