I feel very blessed because I have boys and girls in my home. I get to experience life with both genders, and they do look at life very differently. I’m excited to have another little girl very soon. There are areas where I know I expect a lot from my girls because I know what life will look like for them. Being a woman can be challenging. The expectations are great and learning to balance life is a huge undertaking. But on the other hand I protect my daughters differently than my sons. Girls need protecting.

When I read these verses in Acts 16:16-24, it’s hard to understand. Where are the parents? The relatives? The friends? Maybe because the Bible says she’s a slave girl, there truly was no family around her. But how someone could treat a girl this way is difficult to understand. This girl had a “spirit by which she predicated the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling.”This girl followed Paul around shouting that he was a servant of the Most High God. This is kind-of a crazy story. Why would a demon say this to people? Why say the truth? The other mystery in the story is why was this so irritating to Paul? Paul allows her to follow him around for many days, and then he was just done. He commanded the spirit to leave her.

Good and evil don’t mix. They are true opposites. So how can an evil spirit, speak the truth? How confusing is that? The evil spirit was actually discrediting Paul even though he was speaking the truth. The truth can’t come from evil. After Paul got rid of the evil spirit, he was severely beaten and thrown in prison. Getting rid of the evil spirit cost Paul his freedom.

So what happened to the girl? We don’t know. She was given freedom to live a new life. I hope she understood that Jesus saved her, and that she felt that God did see her. God had plans for her. What a huge change in life! The life this girl lived is hard to understand, but the freedom she received from Jesus is incredible. We each have different stories, but we can all be set free. My prayer this week is that we would take time to thank God for freeing us…through His Son Jesus. The Christmas story is a beautiful story!

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