fresh start

So do you have any New Year resolutions this year? Do you make resolutions? I make a few, and we make some plans and goals for the year during this ending week of December. I enjoy a new clean calendar and a fresh start. I love Christmas and the decorations, but I also love to clean my house and put everything away…a clean start to the New Year. In Acts 16:25-34, the jailer received a fresh start.

Paul and Silas were in prison, and they had amazing, great attitudes. Everyone was listening to them as they prayed and sang to God. There was an earthquake and all the prisoner’s chains came off, and the doors came open. When the jailer saw this, he was ready to kill himself, but Paul stopped him by saying that they were all still there.

The jailer than ran to Paul and Silas and asked what he could do to be saved. The jailer on the brink of death…wanted a new start. He wanted the life that Paul and Silas had. He had heard their prayers and songs, and he knew they had something or someone that he didn’t. He was ready to embrace their God. Even though they were in prison because of their faith, he wanted what they had. It’s interesting to think about because the jailer knew the journey of following Christ wasn’t easy, but he wanted it. He was ready. He saw God through them…through the earthquake. He saw God was more powerful then the shackles Paul and Silas wore.

“The jailer brought them into his house and set a meal before them; he was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God…” The word joy in this verse literally means he was jumping up and down. He was very excited about his fresh start. He was ready for his new life.

At the start of this New Year are you ready for a fresh start? Are you excited about your life in Christ? Are you jumping up and down? Maybe this year you should make it your goal to read through the New Testament or the Old Testament. Maybe you should journal your prayers…You probably have an idea already of what would help you on your journey. It’s a great time to make a goal. When we see God’s hand, we have joy. A great way to see it is through His Word.