When we lived in Illinois, we lived in a huge neighborhood full of kids. We had a neighborhood elementary school that everyone walked to, and there are 1200 kids in the school. It was a funny sight. We got used to it, but our guests were always shocked if they were around to experience the start or ending of a school day. So it wasn't surprising that we always had children in our yard. I will confess that I became a lazy mom when it came to answering the door. When the doorbell rang, it wasn't for me so I didn’t answer the door very often. My kids would tease me about it sometimes and say the door was for me, but it wasn’t. The story in Acts this week reminded me of our door in Illinois.

Acts 12:11-19 are the verses for this week. It’s the story of Peter coming to the door at Mary’s house where many people had come together to pray for him to be released from prison. He knocks at the door of the house and Rhoda, the servant girl, recognizes his voice, but she doesn't answer the door. She is so excited that she runs back and tells everyone that Peter is at the door. The people hard at work praying thought she was crazy. God wasn’t going to actually answer their prayer- right? They were just praying because that’s what you do. You pray. Do you ever pray just because that’s what we are supposed to do? Do you ever pray not expecting God to show-up? I do. I don’t think we realize the power of prayer. Sometimes we pray for the same request for so long we lose hope…that God will answer any of our requests. He always hears. He always answers. He always cares. He always knows our heart.

So when you pray, know God hears. Don’t stop expecting like I stopped going to the door. Believe. We pray to the God who can truly do anything. Pray expecting this week.


  1. Way to go Tonia. Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging.
    Miss you guys.

  2. I really need this today! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I needed to hear that again.

  4. Wonderful reminder of God's mighty power to change our lives and hearts through prayer! I too forget to truly expect and believe that He can do anything! Thanks for the reminder! :)