Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a tradition in our home during the season of Thanksgiving where we make paper leaves and write what we are thankful for on the leaves. Then we hang the leaves in a place where we see them everyday…normally the kitchen. I think we’ve been doing this for nine years. I save them every year in a zip lock baggie, and I put them in a file. Many of the leaves say the same thing year after year, I’m thankful for dad, mom, sister, brother, my grandpa or grandma. But as my kids get older, those simple words mean more.

This year as I think about what I am thankful for, there is so much to write on my leaves. God has blessed my life. Last year in November we found out we were coming to Fellowship. We also told our children we were moving. It was such an exciting time, and it was an emotional time. We’ve come so far since last November.

All seven of us have had a birthday in PA as of today. Cailee’s birthday was today, and it was a great day! As I watched her with her new, sweet little friends, I felt so blessed that she had friends to celebrate with today. Friends sure help when family is so far away on birthdays.

If I gave you a cut-out leaf, what would you write on it? What are you thankful for this year? Being thankful doesn’t mean everything is great, and it doesn’t mean you are totally happy with your current circumstance. Sometimes it’s good to be thankful for the rough days because it gives us a better perspective on life. I would like you to just stop in the next two days and think about what you are truly thankful for in November 2010. First, write it down…and then pray. Pray and thank God for what He has and is doing in your life. Lastly, share what you wrote with someone. It’s encouraging to others, and it brings praise to God.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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