Sometimes life is hard to understand. Why are some people without work and some have great jobs? Why is school easy for some children and hard and stressful to others? Why does tragedy strike one family and not another? Why can be an overwhelming question. It’s a question that really can’t be answered.

Acts 12:1-11 brings up the “why” question in my mind. It doesn’t answer it, but it’s the “elephant” in the verses. King Herod arrested some Christians so he could persecute them. It must have been the family thing to do because his sister was Herodias. She is the one who told her daughter to ask for John the Baptist’s head. King Herod had James killed, and this made the Jews happy so he also arrested Peter.

While Peter was in prison, the church prayed for him. Verse five says that the church prayed earnestly for him, and God answered. God released Peter from prison. He did it in such a way that Peter didn’t even think the whole experience was real. He thought he was dreaming.

So as you read these verses, do you see the “why question”? Why is James killed, and Peter saved. Could God have saved James too? Of course…but He didn’t. We don’t know why, and we can’t understand. So what can we learn? First, God is in control. King Herod was evil, and there were four generations of evil Herods. But God’s plan will never be stopped. It won’t be stopped in our life either. Next, God does hear our prayers. He answers according to His plan, but the Creator of all we see and know hears us. This is an amazing thought!

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